Tile to Mosaic
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We have a cutting capacity of 2800 square feet per day. This machine allows us to cut stone the width of 10mm up to 650mm, and a thickness of 7mm up to 40mm.  Equipped with two motor the machine let us cut a wide variety of products.

The team of five operators working in the department. A rigorous plan for maintenance and also workers safety has been put in place. This prevents production shut down due to equipment failure.

Let us assure you, your product will be treated as if it was ours.

We uses high efficiency blades which provides unmatched quality product. Those blades are manufactured in Italy, so we make sure to keep a large inventory. The high quality of theses blades allow us to cut a wide variety of product without any damaged or scratch to the product.


Defi Mosaïc put his trust in TOKSEL specialized cutting machine. The TOKSEL highlights is robustness and reliability and one of the best after sale service, which guaranties you a superior quality and fast delivery.

Defi Polyteck as invested more than 5 million dollars in 2015 in order to modernizer so they could respond better to the growing needs of our clients.
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