Tile to Mosaic
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  • Cutting capacity of 2800 square feet per day
  • Width of 10mm up to 650mm, and a thickness of 7mm up to 40mm 
  • Equipped with two motor the machine let us cut a wide variety of products.

  • Minimum production of 2800 square feet a day
  • 60 feet long assembly line
  • An assembly team of 25 workers

  • 100,000 square foot plant 
  • Impressive square footage for storage
  • Inventory management as well as product distribution.

Defi Polyteck as invested more than 5 million dollars in 2015 in order to modernizer so they could respond better to the growing needs of our clients.


Defi Polyteck has the environment at heart.  Our cutting machine is equipped with state of the art technology in water treatment, this system rejects no residue. The water used to cut the ceramic, is 100% recovered, we do have a bit of a lost due to evaporation. 

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